Geoff Latz, born in 1959, is an 'Upscaling' artist based in Bradford, W. Yorks. He specialises in using predominantly reclaimed materials to create intricate pieces, often reflective of historic artefacts. He works mainly with various metals, i.e. copper, metal alloys, wire etc, but uses whatever materials are necessary to create his artwork. Some of his pieces are kinetic or use LED lights.

He took an avid interest in Upscaling when his first piece 'Anne Galleon', a large ship which was inspired by those found in Spain's 16th century fleet, was exhibited at Cartwright Hall, Bradford in 2009. From there his work has evolved and he has exhibited throughout the UK.

Geoff does not create art just for art's sake, but to tell a story and catch people's interest and imagination. He aims to inspire people, as he feels we all have the ability to create within us. His passion for history and the great minds of the past is evident in his works, from his take on Leonardo da Vinci's ‘Vitruvian Man’, to his piece entitled ‘Mayan Totem Pole’ which stands 1.8m tall.

Geoff also creates artwork that has philosophical overtones and with his unconventional methodology, he produces some truly inspiring pieces. He enjoys seeing people's reaction to his work, especially as they try to work out what the various components are, as they are used in a way for which they were never actually intended!